Sunday, August 19, 2018

Boundless Energy

Now that I'm firmly five months into this plant-based journey, I'm reaping the rewards of eating plants beyond just weight loss and disease reversal. You may be asking yourself, what else is there? It's energy, boundless energy, the kind of energy that I've only dreamed of having in the past. And it's not just the kind of energy that gets the house cleaned or long neglected errands completed. It's the kind of positive energy that makes stress melt away and puts problems into proper perspective.

I know it sounds too good to be true, and it almost feels too good to be true but I'm living it and it's very real. I wake up early, and I mean early, every morning ready to tackle the world. I used to be a marathon sleeper, grumpy and lethargic even after a dozen (yes, I really mean a dozen) hours of sleep. Upon waking, I journal, read, take time to meditate and pray and begin the chores of the day, which includes packing my food for the day. 

As I tackle the day's inevitable stresses, and there are multiple stressors because that's life, I often find myself looking forward to my evening walk because I know that taking a vigorous walk will not only help strengthen my heart, improve my bone density, widdle away the pounds, and lower my blood glucose numbers, but it will help me walk off any of the aggravations of the day. And it works. And so even after a long day of work or whatever I had going on for the day, I have energy reserves ready and waiting to take my evening walk. My husband even commented last night that I had even more energy after my walk than before I started. Now that's a great walk. 

The other kind of energy I've developed since I've begun eating a whole food plant-based diet is a deep and abiding positive energy from within. I just feel so calm and truly happy. Someone recently told me that I was "absolutely glowing."  That's how I feel on the inside, too. I'm glad that it's showing on the outside. After so many years, decades really, of feeling crummy, downright horrid, I feel utterly radiant and there's nothing like it. I told someone this evening that if this is how I feel after almost five months and just 45 pounds with many more pounds to lose, I can't even imagine what I'm going to feel like this time next year when I'm at or nearly at my health goals. I have to keep reminding myself that I won't have to imagine it though because I'll be living it, living a plant-powered passionate life fulfilling my dreams of adventures that were long forgotten...but forgotten no more. 

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